Linkstationwiki Custom Apps Zone

This project is mainly used to develope several different custom applications needed for "opening" the Buffalo Linkstations/Terastations/Kuroboxes.

We are glad that we can use the SVN-service from at our SF project page.

Our real community (including a forum, of course) can be found at

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Projects for which we currently use the SVN repository at Sourceforge:

A custom firmware updater for the Linkstation Pro written in Java.

OpenEmbedded - OpenLink
We want to build a complete distribution + IPKG-Feed for the several different boxes with the help of openembedded from scratch. This would lead to a unified OpenLink for all boxes.

Kernel arm9
We want to patch a kernel >= 2.6.17 to properly boot and run on the arm9-based Linkstation (Linkstation Pro).

Gentoo arm9
We're working on a Genlink release (Gentoo on Linkstation Pro) for which we're holding a portage overlay with specific ebuilds in the SVN repository.